Bhupati IT Services (Bhupati)

Bhupati IT Services (Bhupati) is an IT services and consultancy firm based out at Jaipur (India) focusing on Outsourced Product Development, Custom Application Development & Maintenance, Quality & Information Security Management Systems' Implementation and Direct Tax Solutions.

Bhupati is registered with the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (Govt. of India). Bhupati is a business partner with Religare Securities Limited and e-Mudhra Consumer Services Limited, as a Registration Authority for multiple, IT-enabled services like issuance of digital signature certificates in India, etc.

At Bhupati, we have experienced consultants and advisors who are experts in their respective knowledge domains providing us with the vital support on the global platform. The core team comprises of software architects, software developers, lead auditors, educationists, marketers, analysts, lawyers, engineers, tax consultants and chartered accountants. They provide support to our business to accomplish the organizational objectives and achieve client’s utmost satisfaction and loyalty towards our brand.

We believe in Voice of Customer (VOC), therefore focused on the customer needs, high-quality deliveries and a long-term successful relationship with our clients. We are experienced, highly qualified, and discreet professionals, with excellent references and a broad range of project experience.

Management Team

Smt. Naveen Agarwal
Naveen Agarwal
Chief Executive Officer

A self made woman with an analytical approach towards life. She is a versatile lady with experience into teaching for tenure of 24 years. Unbounding herself into the field of Garments, Textile Designing, Food & Nutrition etc. With the thirst for knowledge she had plunged herself in various interest fields which added feather to her cap in achieving numerable certificates and recognitions along with a bouquet of different academic degrees. Having dreamt of building the castle of her own and turning it into reality by venturing into Bhupati IT & Legal Services. Her contribution as a level headed guide in fabricating the company policies and functionalities.

Dr. Swati Agarwal
Dr. Swati Agarwal
Chief Operating Officer

Been brought up in a Business class family. She had the vision and a bird’s eye view to understand the technicalities and functionalities of running a business. Her academic qualification into the medical field as a Dental Surgeon has been the cherry on the cake. As she knows how to deal with people and develop network there on. She is armored with legal knowledge through the degree honored from a recognized institution to analyze the client’s offers and generating effective output to satisfy the end customer and achieving organizational goals thereon.

Ms. Priyanka Agarwal
Priyanka Agarwal
Chief Marketing & Social Media Strategist

She is a bright and dynamic person who is a go getter with optimistic view towards life. She is not only highly qualified with an MBA degree but also honored with various awards for her academic and extracurricular activities. She is a film industry professional who bagged compliments for her meticulous and loyal nature towards whatever she pursues. She has worked as an Art Director, Actor, Celebrity Manager, Voice Over Artist, Creative Writer. With her starry eyes to achieve her aspirations, she possesses excellent Communication/PR skills and has the ability to network with the knowledge of how to market oneself as a brand in a particular industry. She is avid in the field of Social Media and holds decent amount of knowledge of the practical implementations of the marketing strategies prevailing in the market.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision: Bhupati IT & Legal Services laid its foundation endeavoring to understand the client’s requirements and to achieve it maximizing their benefit and satisfaction level at every step. It has been an easy trend for the companies to make tall claims in terms of services and quality. However, we with the small team members invest our heart and soul to provide efficient services with negligible chances of dissatisfaction. Provision of transparency in details to the customer’s is our first goal towards approaching as a loyal and trustworthy brand globally.

Mission: Channelize our services not only into Software Development & Maintenance, Quality & Information Security Management Systems' Implementation, Direct Tax Solutions, etc. However, we aspire to broaden and plunge into other services which can serve the client in minimum fee/invest and providing satisfaction worth every penny. Reaching out more clients globally and retain them.In the near future, we would be seeking client's reviews (negative/positive) in a positive light in order to improvise our performance and to cater in a more efficient manner.

||Om Ganeshaya Namah||
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