We offer Indian Income-Tax Return (ITR) filing services through experienced income tax department authorised Tax Return Preparers (TRPs), Taxation Specialist Lawyers & Chartered Accountants.
What is ITR filing?

Filing return of income or income tax return filing is the declaration of the summarised income(s) by the assesse, earned during the previous financial year ended on 31st March, to the Income Tax Department (Govt. of India), in the prescribed form(s) & as per the laid down procedure.

While it is true that one might have paid all due taxes on some of the earnings, it is quite possible & highly probable that the other incomes like interest on the savings bank, dividends, cash incomes or other varied income sources like rent, fees, royalties on which no tax has been deducted or, if deducted, only on a portion/part.

Why ITR Filing is Important?

Why ITR Filing is Important?
  • It is mandatory by law

  • For getting legal refund of TDS or advance tax

  • For generating proof of white income

  • It is mandatory for applying VISA

  • For getting the credit card issued easily by the banks

  • For carry forward of business losses to next year for adjustment

  • Basic need for getting housing loans, education loans, vehicle loans, etc.

  • Providing valid source of income for the investments

  • For avoiding tax evasions on even smaller amounts

  • For avoiding non-filing penalties

  • For avoiding legal proceedings by income-tax department

  • For having chance to file revised return after the due date

  • For contribution towards national income & appraisal of the national economy

  • Earn money, pay tax and relax
Why us for ITR Filing?
  • Tax return filing is carried out with utmost care

  • Have 19+ years of ITR filing experience

  • Thorough knowledge & latest updates in taxation laws & financial market

  • Panel of Govt. of India Authorised TRPs, CAs & Lawyers

  • Take liability for the filed returns

  • Ensure maximum legal refund

  • Low cost return filing fee for all types of assesses with no hidden costs

  • Assured information confidentiality

  • Form-26AS reconciliation facility

  • Personalised support over email, phone & live chat from anywhere in India

  • Help in getting new PAN or changing PAN details or getting lost PAN card

  • No headache / hassle... tax return simplified – Complete peace of mind for you

ITR Filing Procedure
ITR Filing Procedure?
  1. Send us the scanned or photo clicked copies of the indicated documents by email or WhatsApp

  2. We will assess the tax liability and inform you the due tax payable or refundable (if any), which you need to confirm

  3. We will prepare the Income-Tax Return, generate ITR-V and send you via email or WhatsApp

  4. We will request you to verify ITR-V via Net Banking or OTP from either Aadhaar or Bank ATM or Bank Account or Demat Account

  5. We will send you the Tax Computation, Final ITR Acknowledgement and Tax Deposit Receipt via email or WhatsApp

  6. You will get the Assessment Order from the Income Tax Department (with a refund, if any)

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